Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Robert Tangiers and I.

Alright, I’ve taken to writing under a pen name. Just for the fun of it. Spent the better part of last year working on a collection entitled Dreams and Nightmares by Robert Tangiers. Pulled a few stories from the book that will appear elsewhere under the Tangiers byline.

Upcoming confirmed appearances of Tangiers stories include:

“A Criminal Portrait.” This is a gothic horror story and my nod to the original Frankenstein franchise. It’s due for release by Hellfire Publishing as an ebook in June. What happens when the ghost of the criminal, source of the monster’s “criminal brain,” comes looking for revenge? That’s what this story is about.

“JP and the Nightgaunt.” This is a nod to HPL and a couple of friends, namely JP and JM (another story in the Dreams…collection also includes a couple of friends, namely GB and TG). This story is to be included in the Static Movement anthology The Shadow of the Unknown, edited by Aaron French (along with a reprint of my Lovecraftian story, “Azathoth Awakening”). The story is violent and sexually explicit (a crazed nightgaunt doesn’t distinguish between human males and females).

“Midnight Carnival.” Straight up carnival horror. To be included in the Static Movement anthology Carnival, edited by Dorothy Davies. It’s about a carnival of the dead that happens once a year. Had great fun with this, and it remains one of my favorites.

So, why am I revealing this? Because I intend to market the Dreams and Nightmares collection under my real name instead of the Tangiers byline. I find it much easier to advertise and promote.

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