Thursday, April 7, 2011


GRETCHEN’S WOOD is one of two of my Lovecraftian horror collections. The other, entitled OF GODS & ALIENS, remains unpublished.

The TOC is…

The Black Horror of Dungannon
Tommy’s Goat
The Horror of Organ Grinder Road
The House in the Woods
The Horror from the Sky
Dreaming in Darkness
The Calling of the Hounds
Summoning Tsathoggua
Gretchen’s Wood
The Highlandtown Lake Horror
Alder’s Rest

The two collections are delineated by place. All the GRETCHEN’S WOOD stories take place in Columbiana County, Ohio…where I was born and raised.

All the OF GODS & ALIENS stories take place outside of Columbiana County. Though the collection is unpublished, some of the stories have appeared in chapbook form, published by Rainfall Books. Others remain unpublished.

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