Saturday, April 23, 2011


I write mostly horror. Some fantasy satire as well. Then there are the occasional oddities that tend to pop up from time to time.

A LITTLE CHRISTMAS MAGIC is one of those oddities. Co-written by myself and my wife, Christene, we started the project as a screenplay entitled SILENT SLEIGH BELLS. No go. Then it became a teleplay. No go. Finally, it became a short novel. Retitled as noted above, it’s written for pre- to early teens. The plot is tried and true Christmas. The evil Ice Man wants to put the kabosh on Christmas. Those little snot nosed kiddies don’t deserve ANYTHING. Naturally the Ice dude’s gotta be stopped. In steps little elf Teedle and Santa’s brother, Kris Kringle… Oh yeah, the Ice dude is also a brother…in this story Ice, Santa, and Kris are brothers, and Ma Claus liked Santa and Kris best; gave the Ice Man a bad attitude growing up. You know the kind with the mom liked you best syndrome.

Anyway, the story is set during the Depression. Things are bad. Not a coin to be had, not a present to be bought…then a little bit of Christmas Magic works for a family that really needs it.

A good story. A fun read, and was fun to write.

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