Monday, April 5, 2010


I’m a writer. So what do I write?

Various items in various formats in various genres. But three principles – screenplays, short stories, and novels. Mostly short stories. Mostly horror and fantasy satire. A few oddities are thrown in form time to time. Like the adolescent Xmas novella that my wife and I co-wrote entitled SILENT SLEIGH BELLS (coming soon from Publish America).

In the horror genre, I tend toward Lovecraftian horror. All the stories in my Lovecraftian collection, GRETCHEN’S WOOD (Publish America, 2005), are set in Columbiana County, Ohio where I was born and raised. I have another unpublished collect that contains the rest of my Lovecraftian material, all set elsewhere (ie., outside of Columbiana County, Ohio). I might add here that some of the stories in this 2nd collection have appeared elsewhere on the net or in printed chapbook form (Rainfall Books). Some haven’t appeared anywhere.

By no means do I restrict myself to only Lovecraftian Horror. My industrial horror (my term for these stories) collection, DARKTOWNE, is slated for release in 2011 by H Harksen Productions. I also have a number of horror shorts in various Rainfall chapbooks. These include “Darkest Africa” (a sequel remains unpublished), and “Traveling Salesman” (one of my personal favorites).

That brings me to fantasy satire. My short novel, THE ADVENTURES OF BILLY SPACE BOY, is slated for release by Publish America later this year. I also have an unpublished collection set in the same multiverse as the Billy Space Boy novel. I’d have to say that the material in this unpublished collection is my personal favorite (DARKTOWNE being my 2nd personal favorite). I’m already making plans and notes to return to Billy’s multiverse.

I should add that I’ve written a few items set in Clark Ashton Smith’s distant future. TALES OF ZOTHIQUE (Volume’s 1 & 2) are chapbooks available from Rainfall Books. I also have a few scattered Zothique tales published by Rainfall. Lastly, I’ve begun to write a series of fantasy tales set in Gnydron (SORCERIES GNYDRON Volume’s 1, 2, and 3; 3 tales EA), Smith’s original intended name for Zothique. In my scheme of things, I’ve set these tales 800,000 years before the final incarnation of thee continent.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Alright, I'm new to this site...engaged in other projects, it may take a while to devote suitable time and effort to this site. But we'll see how it goes.