Monday, April 18, 2011


I had mentioned a few blogs back that my story “Azathoth Awakening” was one of two stories recommended for Bram Stoker Awards during the 2000 voting year. The second of the two is “De Marigny’s Clock.” They were both disqualified because they had been published the previous year (1999). Such is fortune…

“De Marigny’s Clock” is set in France at the Chateau de Marigny. The story is told in a diary format with entry dates and times, etc. The storyline concerns a writer who rents the chateau and the strange events that happen to him there, including the appearance of the title clock.

Two points – sometime ago the story was to be a part of a collection entitled DE MARIGNY’S CLOCK & OTHERS. The art you see here was a rough draft of the cover art for the collection, and was the work of Anita Moore. Excellent work although the collection never materialized and the cover art remains unfinished.

Secondly, I hadn’t known until after I had written the story that Brian Lumley had also written a story with the same title. Of course, both stories are dramatically different, sharing only the title.

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