Thursday, April 7, 2011


This lady can write poetry! I cannot.

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I. Through Portals and Halls

Down the worn torn years these stones have seen so much,
Now dust and gloom settles into the cracks
Carrying with it a dearth of tales to tell…
From life to dust and back again the cycle continues onward,

Ghosts have come then gone through portals
Ladies and their men danced through halls…
Lovers met secretly for trysts and been banished for their love,
Loves lost and never regained

For out of love comes pain of loss again…
Birthed a love child born out of no reasoning but love alone,
Death comes in turn to mother and to child
For we are born, we live, and we surely die.

II. Love Worth Dying For

Amidst are moments of pure joy we cling to desperately,
Till snatched out of our hands flung away
As we start to enjoy and admire them,
Cast aside as we scramble in the dust for small morsels,

Searching for happiness and crave love,
Want to know ourselves and to know love.
Is it but fleeting or will it be ours for a moment to feel that love
Within one's soul that is at least worth the dying for?

To have died without love is to live a life of death,
A sad lamentation, dreary death at all times searching seeking,
Never finding but always a fervent hope
Within hearts that it will be reciprocated.

III. Sad lamentations

We have tenderly offered, tendered it to our hearts sweet desire,
These walls have seen beauty trapped within,
Pinning away, wasting away each day, so pale,
And sadly wanting more than the daily bequests bequeathed to them.

Sad lamentations pour out from her heart,
Battered breaking Heart slowly cracking,
Taking a grief stricken sane mind into the depths of blackness and hell,
Slowly going insane alone as craziness looms

In a world of happiness, but tis none for her.
She pines, wasting away to skeletal shades of ashen translucent white,
Bones protrude starkly from skin no longer
Blooming with the innocent bud of youth.

IV. A Gaunt Specter Remains

Stretching taunt the skin thins over cheekbones, eyes deeply sunken
Into receptive sockets bruised and blackened
Against a crinkled aging yellowing sallow skin.
No more to walk, talk and giggle girlishly with her pure loves delight.

Gone are the living days of life’s breath.
Her spirit is gone, vanquished no more.
Only a gaunt specter remains to roam alone forever through corridors
Of that ancient castle upon the hill.

A ghostly apparition drifting along,
Once cursed with such pain now is an eternity of unfeeling nothingness
To contend with for she had implored
”to take this pain from me ever more.”

V. Forever through Eternity

Her wish was brought into being as death eased that crushing burden.
Angels glided past and offered her their hands;
All are ignored as she slowly shakes her head,
So peaceful to no longer feel that painful anguish that had her in thrall.

She is content to no longer seek and search
For her comfort is cocooned in this limbo,
Forever through eternity as she haunts the hallways she once roamed
As a youthful child and of a beauteous woman

Drawn to lovers arms with dreams yet unfulfilled.
For now those dreams are naught but torn tattered imaginings picked up
By the passing zephyrs to be teasingly toyed with
Then carelessly tossed aside, left to such sad fates.

© 2011 CBJ

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