Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Update: SYNAPTIC VOID is now available at Amazon.

Joe Jablonski, editor of Static Movement’s upcoming SYNAPTIC VOID anthology, ran a contest for best story for said anthology. A recent email from Joe went, in part, as such -

“I…wanted to let you know that you have been chosen as winner for best story (I actually think its one if the best stories I've read anywhere).”

Many thanks, Joe! Much appreciated.

The story in question is “The Last Singularity,” my little Lovecraftian science fiction story that takes place at the end of all things… Hope some of you decide to check out the anthology and my story!

TOC is…

The Last Singularity by Ran Cartwright
Dear Mom and If Buk Wrote Sci-fi by David S. Pointer
Invaders We by Martin Zeigler
The Death and Life of 14RR-E by Jake Johnson
Alpha and Omega by Voss Foster
Binary by Patrick Christian
Ego Trip by John H. Dromey
The Bachelor by Ron Koppelberger
Memories of Jonathan Lampedius by Howard Cincotta
As Nature Intended by Ken Goldman
Edge of Twilight by Matthew Wilson
Deejnoy 351c by Dene Bebbington
Ganglion Trains by Sean Monaghan
Rat Pack by Lee Clark Zumpe
Pupils by Wol-vriey
Snowbound, With Wolves by Dave Fragments
Death of Progression by Matthew Wilson
Dead Air by Matthew Wilson
Smoke Signals by Iain Pattison
Sector Seven by Frances Pauli
Graceful Exit by Kevin P. Kilburn
Humechanized by Jorden Greer
The Being by Tammy A. Branom
Repeat Offender by Mathew Wilson
Shadows by Eric Kruger
Cruel Sparks by Dene Bebbington
Just Visiting by Tammy A. Branon