Thursday, April 12, 2012

SCREENPLAYS et al...updated

Took a lead from fellow writer Willie Meikle and listed a few screenplays, short film scripts, and treatments at Scrib’d. If anyone should care to take a look, the following are now available to read.

BLACK SAM miniseries Part 1 - Historical drama about pirate Black Sam Bellamy, this is the "epic" (longer) version of the screenplay that I have split into two parts for a possible television miniseries. As such, it does not contain "Acts." It does contain the contemporary opening and closing scenes as well as the "accused witch" Maria Hallett storyline that the shorter version of the screenplay does not include.

BLACK SAM miniseries Part 2 - Part 2 of the Black Sam miniseries...see Part 1 for description.

MCKINNEY: The Last Gunfighter - Spec screenplay; true story of the last days of California gunfighter Jim McKinney until cornered in a Chinese opium den.

Falling Asleep at the Wheel - 2 act short spec script; based on a local Ohio ghost legend that appears to be a legend everywhere.

The Pirate Lady - This is a spec proposal for a two part miniseries about pirate Ann Bonny.

COLONIES (the teleplay) - This is a 7 act science fiction spec script about a group of rebels living in the Outer Colonies of the Solar System. Could be a MOW or a pilot film for a series (note other COLONIES items I’ve listed).

COLONIES (series proposal) - This is a spec proposal for my science fiction television series, COLONIES. Includes brief overview, locales list, character list, and a brief synopsis of additional episodes.

BLACK SAM: A Pirate’s Tale - This is a spec treatment for a long epic script based on the lives of pirate Black Sam Bellamy and accused witch Maria Hallett.

BLACK SAM: A Pirate’s Tale - This is a shorter version of the Black Sam script, minus the contemporary intro and close, and minus the Maria Hallett storyline.

SUMMONING TSATHOGGUA - This is a two act short film script adapted from my short story of the same title.

DYING TIME - This is a four act short film script adapted from my wife’s short story of the same title.

NIGHT VISIONS - This is a five act short film script adapted from my short story “Sex & Death.” A rewritten version of this story appears in my DARKTOWNE collection.

Jules Verne’s FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON - This is my feature adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic science fiction novel.

THE GIRL WHO WALKED IN CIRCLES - This is a feature adaptation of Mike Minnis’ short Lovecraftian story of the same title.

More to come with time…

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