Saturday, April 21, 2012


CARNIVAL is now available from Amazon. This anthology includes my story "Midnight Carnival" written under the pen name Robert Tangiers.

Carnival TOC -

Carnival Preparation by Chris Bartholomew
Ashton Howard's Dark Process by George Wilhite
The Carnival Under the Midsummer Moon by Richard Jay
Goldstein Titus by Mike Koch
Something Wicked by David Renfrow
Mr Marvel's Magical Mystery Tour by Dorothy Davies
I Miss My Son by Mason Swithen
Spook by Cutter Slagle
Midnight Carnival by Robert Tangiers
Cutter Creek by Courtney Martin
Hands by Peter LaBerge
Syrup by Emma Kathryn
Illusionist Weaver Movie Theatre by Robert William Shmigelsky
Fortune Teller by Pat Lewis-Bussard
Carnival Mask by J L Petty
The Older Man by Kevin L Jones
Stay Awhile by Timothy Nakayama
Carnival of Ancients by Kelley Nicol
Carnival of Fear by Neil Leckman
The Boundary by Tyler Robinson
Mismatched Blood by Ron Koppelberger
The Romani Brothers' Carnival by Brianna Stoddard
The Carnival Hungry of the Good Dr Sullivan by T Fox Dunham
Blood Fair by Matthew Wilson
The Bullet Catch by Matthew Wilson
Personal Demons by Nicky Peacock
Grim Games by Matthew Wilson
Unfair Ground by Matthew Wilson

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