Thursday, January 17, 2013


Okay peoples, as noted in a couple of previous messages, I have now closed shop on writing horror/science fiction/fantasy for the foreseeable future, perhaps permanent (not certain on that as of yet). Currently, I’m working on my 1970s road novel (still) and a few Noir stories. All published under a pen name (not Tangiers). I will say that the Noir stories are violent, and a few may have very VERY brief elements of the supernatural, but those elements are not integral to the plot. And that’s all I’ll say.

The page here will remain devoted (for the most part) to my interests in science fiction, fantasy, and horror with a slight deviation from time to time.

Nothing about the material I’m currently working on as noted in the first paragraph will be mentioned in this blog (mainly due to the content and byline) except for brief highly vague notes mostly to say that they are progressing. There’ll be no titles, no plots, no examples or excerpts, etc etc etc.

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