Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Lately I’ve taken to downloading and watching short films...mostly horror and science fiction. Most are student films, a lot of the horror dealing with escaped killers. Keeps the budget down, I suppose. Then there’s “88:88,” a blend of horror and science fiction with a very familiar theme.

Shackles and chains and locks and ratchet straps and reinforcing the door locks to the bedroom and using brackets to bolt the bed to the floor... At first I thought this lady had unpleasant special plans for her boyfriend, a film of violent revenge. But that wasn’t it at all. The chains and locks and ratchet straps are meant for her. Then an outdoor shot...a full moon. Okay, she’s a werewolf, chaining herself to the bed. No, that’s not it either...check it out. An exceptionally well done film.

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