Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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There’s this little six story joint at one of many crossroads in time and space. It’s called the Hotel Monticello. Not many hang out there, but those that do, they’re an odd lot. There’s the old woman who plays a crying violin; a time traveling gangster blues pianist, and his blues singing whore; a gay couple fresh out of the big house; the mysterious woman that wears a Venetian mask; a writer being chased across time and space; the two-bit hood come to make a buck; and a small assortment of other down on their luck characters. Then there are the demons that show up from time to time, and the strange assortment of dark shapeless beasts they bring with them.

Care to stop over for a visit?


At the Hotel Monticello
Something Like Mephistopheles
The Beasts of Harrow Point
Share and Share Alike
The Shade
Of Alexandra, Possessed
The Masquerade Ball
Night of the Blood Red Moon
The Dead, Death, & Decay

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