Sunday, December 18, 2011


Joe Jablonski has excepted my Lovecraftian story, “The Last Singularity,” for his upcoming Static Movement anthology SYNAPTIC VOID. Many thanks Joe!

Here’s an excerpt of the story -

64 days…

Jo Bon ran.

He ran for his life. Ran and ran and ran.

He was terrified. Something pursued. Crawled, writhed. Reached. Clawed.

Something slithered across a shoulder. Around his neck.

Then synched up tight. Constricted. Pulled.

Jo Bon was lifted off the ground. The thing tight around his neck. Growing tighter. Cutting off his air. Cutting into his skin.

Blood trickled. No longer could he scream.

Then he was dead. Hung by the thing that had pursued him.

Had he not lusted after the women of the tribe. Had he not forced himself upon one of them...

They did it, the tribesmen. Had called that thing from the depths of the soil. A great snake-like god. Relentless in its pursuit. Relentless in its vengeance.

“Is it?”

Traisha Gavan sighed as she knelt next to the pooling blood, switching off the electronic device. “Yes, it’s him.”

Traisha and Chal Ballakhan peered up into the cavernous dark. Far above in that blackness hung Jo Bon’s body. A cargo chain wrapped around his neck, cutting so deep that his blood dripped to the cold damp floor.

“He said something was after him,” Traisha said.

“His mind,” Ballakhan replied.


Ballakhan stared. Then turned away. Crossed the cargo hold toward the hatch.

“Shouldn’t we get him down?” Traisha called out.

“Leave him be.” Then Ballakhan was gone, a closing hatch echoing in the dark.

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