Saturday, December 17, 2011


an excerpt

Received a script in the post this morning from GB—, an old friend; got himself a flat up Middlesbrough way in the northeast of the UK. We go back a long ways, GB— and me. Use to go pub crawling along the Ouse years ago. Huntingdon, Houghton, the Hemingford’s, St Ives. I stayed in Houghton, got me a place down Thicket Road east of the old mill; GB—, he went up north, got his place in Middlesbrough. Always kept in touch.

Guess I oughta say something ‘bout GB—‘s script. It’s a hand-writ script, got a lot of stuff in it ‘bout philosophy and science. He had himself a good sense for things like science and philosophy. As long as I can remember he had. Was always reading them books about Zen and motorcycles and black holes. Something about Tao and strings and membranes. I didn’t have half a notion ‘bout any of it. But GB—, he did. He knowd all that stuff.

GB—‘s script had the words A Case for Grand Design writ ‘cross the top. I ‘spose that was what he was gonna call it. Underneath that was some scribbling, words and names and such. Missing the first part of what GB— writ ‘cause the first page was tore off ‘bout half way down.

Be damned if I knowd what was getting into his head. Lot of crazy talk. Started off well enough, but got kind of crazy later on. Stuck in some words and phrases that just didn’t seem to go there. Least they didn’t sound right. But I kept them there for anyone to have a look at. Might be able to make better sense of it than me.

Looks like GB— was afraid of something, like he was hurrying to figure out what this Grand Design thing was all about. I remember, weren’t too long ago, GB— was talking ‘bout something, think he called it Unified or something like that. Had something to do with Einstein and folk like that. GB— was all excited ‘bout it. Couldn’t hardly contain himself. Well, I caint make no sense of it. Best that somebody else does.

I ain’t gonna claim that I know a wit ‘bout what he’s talking ‘bout, but I’m gonna put down here GB—‘s words and make them italics to separate them from my own words and comments and notes. Might not have much sense to make out what GB— was trying to say with all this philosophy and science, but I sure as hell don’t know what he was meaning to say at the end with them fancy foreign words. Will put them down as they are. Let someone else who knows these things figure it out.

Now this here starts with the second page:

** ** ** **

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