Saturday, December 1, 2012

THAT HIDEOUS THING and Other Updates

A few updates here…

1. Geoff Davies has agreed to do the cover art for my four volumes of repackaged Lovecraftian stories (example in photo). Many thanks Geoff!

2. The four volumes of my Lovecraftian stories are -

Gretchen’s Wood (2nd edition)
That Hideous Thing
The Coming of Winter, Story Arcs Volume 1
The Dia Tessaron, Story Arcs Volume 2

When these four volumes are released over the coming year or so, they will comprise my complete Lovecraftian canon…maybe. I do have a final Lovecraftian project that I may return to some time in the future. Otherwise, I’m done with this subgenre. It's long past time I moved on.

3. Repackaging my Lovecraft material has impacted my DREAM & NIGHTMARES horror/science fiction/fantasy collection. The Lovecraftian material that had originally appeared in D & N has been removed (to be included in THAT HIDEOUS THING) and replaced with other non-Lovecraftian material. Specifically -


That Hideous Thing
The Bayou
Scotch Hill
Dark Hollow
JP and the Nightgaunt
Turnabout Is Fair Prey
The Science and Philosophy of Azathoth
The Last Singularity


Midnight Carnival
An Eye for an Eye
Feast of the Dead
Children of the light
The Ole ‘33

NOTE: This pertains only to the print version, not the e-version which will remain the same. The new print version will be released sometime early next year.

4. As noted before, I’ve left horror and science fiction behind for a (long) while with two new projects. Here I’m staying for the foreseeable future.

5. And another rejection. I'm getting good at it. Disappointing? Yeah.

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