Saturday, October 8, 2011


A little change of pace for this page...a little reflection...

I haven’t played in a band since 1997. That was The River Project in northern Idaho. The photo here was taken during those brief years (at the Moscow, Idaho Renaissance Festival). We did 99% originals and released a locally available CD entitled Sessions.

Before The River Project I played in a variety of bands stretching all the way back to my teen years in my hometown of Columbiana, Ohio. That’s where it all started. Columbiana.

Back then there was a core group of people that seemed to float between bands. Three or four bands at the time. Musicians included myself (drums), Ray Griggy (drums), Stan Sitler (drums), Tom Poirier (drums), Robbie Olenik (guitar), Neil Hobart (guitar), Eddie Richardson (guitar), Dave Hall (guitar), Dan Tharp (guitar, bass), Dick Rapp (bass), Ronnie Perkins (bass), and Clint Parker (keyboards). I’m sure there were others at one time or another.

Yeah, we all had fun no matter who we were playing with at the time, what band we happened to be in.

But why Columbiana? Why a fading dream? Other than the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, there were two major events that were big influences on me and my desire to play music. One was the 4th of July tennis court dances that use to be held in Columbiana. The other was bands that played at the Street Fair (two semi truck flatbed trailers made the stage). I was too young to play the tennis courts before they were discontinued. The Street Fair was never considered at the time.

The fading dream…yeah, I’d love to play one more time. I’d love to play with a few old friends from those days and play a Street Fair on the two semi flatbeds or petition the city to allow one more tennis courts 4th of July dance. Play all those old rocker tunes we use to play…the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Alice Cooper, Steppenwolf, Cream…the list goes on and on.

But the dream IS fading. Ronnie, Robbie, and Dave are gone. Most I have no idea where they are, if they’d play, if they still play at all, if they are or are not interested. Too much time and distance, I suppose.

Perhaps it’s true that you just can’t go back to where you once were.

But the dream of that one final concert back home where it all started is ever present.

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