Monday, August 1, 2011


an excerpt...

Hells Gate was crowded. Unusually so. A lot of carousing vamps this night and only a few blood whores to go around. Fields chuckled. Won’t be long before the numbers even out somewhat. Fields was at the bar, sipping his drink. His eyes trailed up the wall behind the bar to the sign that hung there. Drink It and Fuck It, but Don’t Kill It. Well, there was going to be some dying, and it wasn’t going to be blood whores.

“Hey, you blood suckers by the window!” Jenks shouted to a table surrounded by six rowdy vamps. They were getting a little too loud and careless with a blood whore they had been passing around amongst themselves. Same bunch of vamps from the night before. Same blood whore too. Jenks tapped the sign’s aged wooden frame and added, “You drink that bitch dead and I’ll have to kill her. Else you take her outta here. You got that?”

“We just might have to kill you,” a vamp snarled back. “You got that…bitch?!”

“Tell it to Shadow,” Jenks replied.

Trouble was looking likely. Jenks began to reach under the bar for his 44 Magnum. A sudden hushed murmur ran through the place. His hand hovered over the weapon. Eyes were turning, and Jenks turned to look. The new blood whore had appeared at the entrance to the hall that led to the back rooms. She was smiling. Alive. Sensuous and taunting with an alluring drink me fuck me grin. And she was flushed. This babe had some extra blood to spare.

Fireworks time, Fields thought. A sly grin crossed his face.

“I got a jugular that says I can do a dozen of you blood suckers and still walk when we’re done,” Gina said with a sly come on grin, her tone sultry.

Fields smiled, nearly laughed.

A dozen vamps hooted and howled. The six Jenks had chastised dropped their blood whore on the floor and jumped up from the table. They and six others followed Gina as she turned and started back down the hall. Fields noticed a slight twinge in Gina. No doubt the work of the designer drug. Hopefully the hypnotic trance Fields had placed her under would hold long enough to feed the blood suckers a dose of the designer drug.

It didn’t take long.


  1. LOVE the new look! And Blood Whores sounds like a MUST READ!

  2. I agree...This just rocks...Leave it up to you, Ran..LOL know I will want to read it. ;)

    Have a great day my wicked friend!

  3. What's a bloodwhore?

  4. Jen & Robin...many thanks! individual who prostitutes themselves out to vampires for a bite and a little sex. It's all in the story.