Thursday, May 19, 2011


A collection of horror noir stories set in a hotel. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that the inspiration comes from the film CHELSEA WALLS. Whereas CHELSEA WALLS follows the events surrounding five individuals over a period of one day, my horror noir series follows certain individuals and the events that befall each of them over a brief (perhaps) period of time. The hotel is a special place, a place out of time and space, and surrounded by a towering concrete wall. It’s not so much what lies beyond the wall, rather what transpires inside the hotel…somewhat.

I might also mention that CHELSEA WALLS isn’t the only source of inspiration for this series. Last year I wrote a horror story about a couple of gangsters and set the action in a hotel. I love the story, had a grand time constructing it, and was going to include it in my as yet unpublished collection DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES. Instead, I pulled the story, and set it aside. Now that story is the foundation for this current project whose working title is the same as the original story. Think I’ll keep it that way.

BTW, the model for my hotel actually exists in Washington State. The real hotel has since changed its name slightly. I kept its original name.

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