Thursday, April 28, 2011


They come from anywhere and everywhere. Like the artwork shown here. This work gave me the idea for a short horror noir story I wrote entitled “The Devil’s Whore.”

I don’t remember where the artwork came from, Photobucket or some such place, but it is an interesting work.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Robert Tangiers and I.

Alright, I’ve taken to writing under a pen name. Just for the fun of it. Spent the better part of last year working on a collection entitled Dreams and Nightmares by Robert Tangiers. Pulled a few stories from the book that will appear elsewhere under the Tangiers byline.

Upcoming confirmed appearances of Tangiers stories include:

“A Criminal Portrait.” This is a gothic horror story and my nod to the original Frankenstein franchise. It’s due for release by Hellfire Publishing as an ebook in June. What happens when the ghost of the criminal, source of the monster’s “criminal brain,” comes looking for revenge? That’s what this story is about.

“JP and the Nightgaunt.” This is a nod to HPL and a couple of friends, namely JP and JM (another story in the Dreams…collection also includes a couple of friends, namely GB and TG). This story is to be included in the Static Movement anthology The Shadow of the Unknown, edited by Aaron French (along with a reprint of my Lovecraftian story, “Azathoth Awakening”). The story is violent and sexually explicit (a crazed nightgaunt doesn’t distinguish between human males and females).

“Midnight Carnival.” Straight up carnival horror. To be included in the Static Movement anthology Carnival, edited by Dorothy Davies. It’s about a carnival of the dead that happens once a year. Had great fun with this, and it remains one of my favorites.

So, why am I revealing this? Because I intend to market the Dreams and Nightmares collection under my real name instead of the Tangiers byline. I find it much easier to advertise and promote.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What’s the difference? Perhaps a little bit of time, plus physical and political geography. At least that’s how I view the differences. Why? Because I’ve written fantasy tales set in both locales.

Alright. Starting at the beginning. Clark Ashton Smith’s beginning. Gnydron and Zothique are continents. The Last Continent. Both inventions of the master fantasist, the aforementioned CAS. Smith wrote a fragment set in what he called Gnydron, the last continent on earth. The story never got anywhere. Eventually, somewhere along the line (CAS scholars would knows this much better than I), CAS changed the name from Gnydron to Zothique, wrote a number of stories, and the rest is history.

Zothique became famous. Gnydron was relegated to the dust bin…until I decided to resurrect it. Wouldn’t it be fun to write a few Gnydron stories? [That thought came after my two Zothique chapbook trilogies published by Rainfall Books.] So, since Zothique was well established, and had been so for a number of decades, I decide to make Gnydron the Last Continent roughly 800,000 years before the time of Zothique. Before political and geological/geographic upheaval changed the face of the continent, and eventually its name.

Thus far I’ve out done my Zothqiue output in Gnydron stories. I’ve written three chapbook trilogies (Volumes 1, 2, and 3), all of them to be published by Rainfall Books. I’ve also been developing an extensive note file to write two novelettes (Volumes 4 and 5) that will be set 400,000 years after the first three trilogies (consequently, 400,000 years before Zothique).

Those last two novelettes should bring my Gnydron production to a close. Too many other projects going on to devote time to furthering the legends and history of Gnydron…of course, that doesn’t mean others can’t add to those legends and history.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yes, easter eggs, and a few bloody body parts will do. A heart? A fresh, still beating, heart will do nicely. Maybe some fresh brains...

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I write mostly horror. Some fantasy satire as well. Then there are the occasional oddities that tend to pop up from time to time.

A LITTLE CHRISTMAS MAGIC is one of those oddities. Co-written by myself and my wife, Christene, we started the project as a screenplay entitled SILENT SLEIGH BELLS. No go. Then it became a teleplay. No go. Finally, it became a short novel. Retitled as noted above, it’s written for pre- to early teens. The plot is tried and true Christmas. The evil Ice Man wants to put the kabosh on Christmas. Those little snot nosed kiddies don’t deserve ANYTHING. Naturally the Ice dude’s gotta be stopped. In steps little elf Teedle and Santa’s brother, Kris Kringle… Oh yeah, the Ice dude is also a brother…in this story Ice, Santa, and Kris are brothers, and Ma Claus liked Santa and Kris best; gave the Ice Man a bad attitude growing up. You know the kind with the mom liked you best syndrome.

Anyway, the story is set during the Depression. Things are bad. Not a coin to be had, not a present to be bought…then a little bit of Christmas Magic works for a family that really needs it.

A good story. A fun read, and was fun to write.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Yes, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Carmilla.” One of my favorite stories; made a lasting impression on me. And there are the film versions, from LUST FOR A VAMPIRE to BLOOD AND ROSES to THE VAMPIRE LOVERS. Sure, good entertainment, but NOT Le Fanu’s “Carmilla.”

So, I took it upon myself to write a film script of Le Fanu’s “Carmilla.” Yeah, I dabble from time to time with screenplays, teleplays, short film scripts, treatments, written television proposals, etc etc etc…back to the blood of the matter…The result of my film script was an adaptation entitled “Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s CARMILLA.” It’s my film version of Le Fanu’s story. It’s NOT driven by special effects. It’s story driven; Le Fanu’s story. Imagine a period piece with wonderful costumes and sets; blend in some Gothic atmosphere, some shades and shadows, implied events, fear and uncertainty. And Le Fanu’s story and characters, of course.

There, you have my screenplay of Le Fanu’s story. A direct adaptation. Any success with it? No. It’s been out there on the market, but no producer/agent/what-have-you has the balls to take a serious look at a Gothic horror story about a female vampire with a penchant for breast bitten female victims.

Yes, that Carmilla. The same Carmilla that inspired Bram Stoker to write DRACULA.

Well, maybe a teleplay will have better success. I’m toying with the idea of a rewritten 7 act MOW teleplay. Or a two part miniseries (even more difficult to promote and garner interest). Well, we’ll just see what happens.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The original title was THE ADVENTURES OF BILLY SPACE BOY AND HIS ASTRO DOG, ZAP. I thought it a little too lengthy and shortened it. The story began in the 80s while I was living in England. It got to be quite a running joke among myself and co-workers. We began to treat it like a Saturday Morning children’s television show which is hinted at by the Uncle Dave character in the story.

To the point, this is an irreverent fantasy satire novel. Long after my England days, I went back to the Billy Space Boy multiverse and wrote a number of short stories, all irreverent fantasy satire like this original novel. I hope to publish it soon, perhaps through Lulu. I’ve also begun a second collection set in the multiverse, but it’ll be a while before it’s completed. Too many other projects at the moment.

Lastly, I’m admittedly not too fond of the Billy Space Boy cover, but as for content, I’ll let the back cover blurb speak for itself…

It was a dastardly kidnap plot. The Dreaded Hooded Frog has kidnapped Princess Linda. We’re off on a wild raucous and riotous hilarious ride across the Multiverse with Billy Space Boy and the Astro Dog, Zap. From Dangerous Danny’s Spaceside Burger, Bar, and Disco to the Planet Slagheep, we follow the adventures of Billy and Zap in their attempt to rescue Princess Linda and bring peace and tranquility back to the Multiverse. And you thought this was just going to be your standard boring Dreaded Hood Frog and Princess formula story…!

What the Multiversal media are saying about Billy Space Boy –

Invokes riotous laughter at just how stupid a stupid farm boy can be. – The Riffhaven Review

Sabrina Babe-o-licious is…babe-o-licious! Oh Yeah! – The Slagheep Global Independent

You really believe this slop?! – The 3-Toed Ho Traveling Dance Troupe Gazette

Monday, April 18, 2011


I had mentioned a few blogs back that my story “Azathoth Awakening” was one of two stories recommended for Bram Stoker Awards during the 2000 voting year. The second of the two is “De Marigny’s Clock.” They were both disqualified because they had been published the previous year (1999). Such is fortune…

“De Marigny’s Clock” is set in France at the Chateau de Marigny. The story is told in a diary format with entry dates and times, etc. The storyline concerns a writer who rents the chateau and the strange events that happen to him there, including the appearance of the title clock.

Two points – sometime ago the story was to be a part of a collection entitled DE MARIGNY’S CLOCK & OTHERS. The art you see here was a rough draft of the cover art for the collection, and was the work of Anita Moore. Excellent work although the collection never materialized and the cover art remains unfinished.

Secondly, I hadn’t known until after I had written the story that Brian Lumley had also written a story with the same title. Of course, both stories are dramatically different, sharing only the title.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


…there were other things in the room…there hung an aura, gossamer as a moonbeam, tainted as stale, weak wine, yet a horror, diffusively brooding already over the three of them…and over by the window among the stirring curtains stood something familiar… - FSF, 1920


This is a four story arc in chapbook form, published by Rainfall Books. The stories include:

The Circle
The Chronicler
The Coming
The Candidate

The stories in this collection pre-date the 2008 presidential election. Little did I know then how true to life “The Candidate” would become.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


An interesting film...with mannikins as actors.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I think for most of us, our parents are representative of our heroes. Then there are those people beyond our immediate family we look upon that have had some influence on us in some fashion, usually a deep seated influence that has shaped or directed our lives in some way.

For me, that would be Clyde Tombaugh.

Back in 1961 I remember my dad coming home from work, announcing that Echo 1 was to fly over that night. We gathered in the back yard up on Elm Street and watched. A slow moving speck of light, barely visible. I loved it and was hooked. I had a sudden interest in astronomy.

Then my parents bought a book for me. THE SEARCH FOR PLANET X by Tony Simon (Scholastic 1965). It was the story of Clyde Tombaugh and his discovery of Pluto. I was hooked. I set out to become an astronomer, and I wanted to work at the same place that Clyde Tombaugh worked. Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Time and distance and fortune changed things. Instead of an astronomer, I became an archaeologist. But I never lost that love for astronomy. I’m still fascinated by it. And although I never got to work at the Lowell Observatory, I was able to pay a couple of visits to that hallowed ground.

Clyde Tombaugh, a hero of mine, and thanks to Clyde for a lifelong love of astronomy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Readers and writers always face the inevetable question - "What's your favorite book?" Easy answer; THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO by Alexandre Dumas. Among all the books I've ever read, and there have been quite a number of them, Monte Cristo has been my favorite for as long as I can remember.

Yes, cold calculated revenge against those who have wronged you, and with unlimited resources to accomplish that revenge always makes for a good story.

The book being my favorite begs the question, naturally - "What's your favorite film version?" Again, easy answer. My favorite film version is the Richard Chamberlain/Tony Curtis/Trevor Howard/Donald Pleasance/Louis Jourdan/Kate Nelligan television film version released in 1975. Of course, alot of the original storyline was edited out, still, it was faithful to the story as it existed.

I saw the much more recent Jim Caviezel version. I liked it, thought it was well done, but the Chamberlain version remains my favorite.

I have to admit that I've never seen the six hour long Gerard Depardieu version. The DVD is certainly on my "to get" list.

Friday, April 8, 2011


…there strikes the ebony clock which stands in the hall of the velvet. And then, for a moment, all is still… - eap, 1842

KIZUNA: Fiction for Japan

KIZUNA: Fiction for Japan. An excellent idea to help the people of Japan. My story "The Starlet and the Fishman" was submitted for this, and hope it makes the cut.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


This lady can write poetry! I cannot.

** **


I. Through Portals and Halls

Down the worn torn years these stones have seen so much,
Now dust and gloom settles into the cracks
Carrying with it a dearth of tales to tell…
From life to dust and back again the cycle continues onward,

Ghosts have come then gone through portals
Ladies and their men danced through halls…
Lovers met secretly for trysts and been banished for their love,
Loves lost and never regained

For out of love comes pain of loss again…
Birthed a love child born out of no reasoning but love alone,
Death comes in turn to mother and to child
For we are born, we live, and we surely die.

II. Love Worth Dying For

Amidst are moments of pure joy we cling to desperately,
Till snatched out of our hands flung away
As we start to enjoy and admire them,
Cast aside as we scramble in the dust for small morsels,

Searching for happiness and crave love,
Want to know ourselves and to know love.
Is it but fleeting or will it be ours for a moment to feel that love
Within one's soul that is at least worth the dying for?

To have died without love is to live a life of death,
A sad lamentation, dreary death at all times searching seeking,
Never finding but always a fervent hope
Within hearts that it will be reciprocated.

III. Sad lamentations

We have tenderly offered, tendered it to our hearts sweet desire,
These walls have seen beauty trapped within,
Pinning away, wasting away each day, so pale,
And sadly wanting more than the daily bequests bequeathed to them.

Sad lamentations pour out from her heart,
Battered breaking Heart slowly cracking,
Taking a grief stricken sane mind into the depths of blackness and hell,
Slowly going insane alone as craziness looms

In a world of happiness, but tis none for her.
She pines, wasting away to skeletal shades of ashen translucent white,
Bones protrude starkly from skin no longer
Blooming with the innocent bud of youth.

IV. A Gaunt Specter Remains

Stretching taunt the skin thins over cheekbones, eyes deeply sunken
Into receptive sockets bruised and blackened
Against a crinkled aging yellowing sallow skin.
No more to walk, talk and giggle girlishly with her pure loves delight.

Gone are the living days of life’s breath.
Her spirit is gone, vanquished no more.
Only a gaunt specter remains to roam alone forever through corridors
Of that ancient castle upon the hill.

A ghostly apparition drifting along,
Once cursed with such pain now is an eternity of unfeeling nothingness
To contend with for she had implored
”to take this pain from me ever more.”

V. Forever through Eternity

Her wish was brought into being as death eased that crushing burden.
Angels glided past and offered her their hands;
All are ignored as she slowly shakes her head,
So peaceful to no longer feel that painful anguish that had her in thrall.

She is content to no longer seek and search
For her comfort is cocooned in this limbo,
Forever through eternity as she haunts the hallways she once roamed
As a youthful child and of a beauteous woman

Drawn to lovers arms with dreams yet unfulfilled.
For now those dreams are naught but torn tattered imaginings picked up
By the passing zephyrs to be teasingly toyed with
Then carelessly tossed aside, left to such sad fates.

© 2011 CBJ


Yeah, one of my favorites. A collection of industrial horror stories that were a delight to write. I had an exceptionally grand time with this. A dark apocalyptic city in decay, the stories are also laced with an occasional classic theme or ideas that some people may recognize.

The TOC is…

Night Demons
Baden Street Blues
Blood Whores
The River Rats
The Toad-Witch
The Witchfinder
Noah's Ark
Like a Thief in the Night

This collection is due out later this year, to be published by H Harksen Productions.


GRETCHEN’S WOOD is one of two of my Lovecraftian horror collections. The other, entitled OF GODS & ALIENS, remains unpublished.

The TOC is…

The Black Horror of Dungannon
Tommy’s Goat
The Horror of Organ Grinder Road
The House in the Woods
The Horror from the Sky
Dreaming in Darkness
The Calling of the Hounds
Summoning Tsathoggua
Gretchen’s Wood
The Highlandtown Lake Horror
Alder’s Rest

The two collections are delineated by place. All the GRETCHEN’S WOOD stories take place in Columbiana County, Ohio…where I was born and raised.

All the OF GODS & ALIENS stories take place outside of Columbiana County. Though the collection is unpublished, some of the stories have appeared in chapbook form, published by Rainfall Books. Others remain unpublished.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Alright, three updates –

First, my story “Children of the Light” will be appearing in the April (#12) issue of HUNGUR MAGAZINE. This is a magazine devoted to vampires. The vamp story was originally written for my DARKTOWNE collection (coming this year from H Harksen Productions). However, the story didn’t fit the mood and atmosphere of the collection, so I kept it out. Instead, it went to HUNGUR and was accepted.

Secondly, a reprint of my story “Azathoth Awakening” (one of two of my stories recommended for Bram Stoker awards in the 2000 voting season) will be appearing in Aaron French’s anthology SHADOW OF THE UNKNOWN. The story (to the best of my recollection) hasn’t seen print since 2002. So, it’s about time.

Thirdly, I have a few others appearing elsewhere, but they’re special projects and I can’t elaborate on them at the moment. Sometime soon…